Career Discovery Week

Career Discovery Week is coming to the Career Services Center! Check out our events for the big week after the jump.

Undecided About Your Major?
Monday 1/28 | 12-1:30PM | Career Services Center, Horizon Room
Tuesday, 1/29 | 12:30-1:45PM | Career Services Center, Horizon Room
As part of Career Discovery Week 2013 join college advisors to learn about the process of choosing a major.

Prepare to Care: Pathways into Nursing
Tuesday 1/29 | 2-3:15PM | Career Services Center, Horizon Room
Want to enter the growing field of nursing?  Attend this workshop to learn about your educational options, course pre-requisites, how to get relevant experience and where to apply.

Careers for Ethnic Studies Majors Panel
Tuesday 1/29 | 5-6:30PM | Career Services Center, Horizon Room
Here about the varied career paths of professionals that graduated with a degree in Ethnic Studies. Gain knowledge of careers associated with the major and get personal insight on how your studies can be applied to your professional development.

Government & Nonprofit Careers Networking Night*
Wednesday 1/30 | 5-7PM | Career Services Center Plaza
Here’s your exclusive opportunity to network with professionals and recruiters representing a variety of government and nonprofit-focused careers. Find out about full-time positions, part-time jobs, and internships in a variety of fields. *RSVP on Port Triton required.

Career Opportunities for Biology Majors
Thursday 1/31 | 11AM-12PM | Career Services Center, Horizon Room
There are several career paths you can choose as a Biology major at UCSD. Employment opportunities for biology majors depend upon a number of factors, including area of specialization and degree level.

Discover Your Dream Career$
Thursday 1/31 | 1-3PM | Career Services Center, Round Room
This combined career assessment seminar is held in a small, supportive group setting led by an expert career advisor. Through this seminar you’ll gain a thorough analysis of your personality, interests, work preferences, which will help you identify potential career options that are right for you. Additionally, you’ll walk away with a 20-page document detailing the results of your assessments, and a list of occupational paths that are best suited to you. $Fee Applies ($35). RSVP on REQUIRED.

UC San Diego Explore Experience Fair*
Friday 2/1 | 10AM-12PM | Career Services Center Plaza
Learn about experiential-learning opportunities and internship programs that will assist you in obtaining career-related experiences and professional development skills. Talk to various campus representatives and gain information and resources for practical experience on campus and in the community! RSVP on Port Triton REQUIRED.

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